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BLUPIMANIA 2 is a real brain-crusher. In this original unique game for Windows, you have to solve different kinds of puzzles. Some are easy, but don't be fooled, some are really hard.
Blupi, the little round yellow fellow climbs onto a really high tower. Each floor is a game level with a puzzle that has to be solved. You must help Blupi find his balloon. As soon as he grabs it he flies up to the next floor, where a new challenge is waiting...
One of the many floors of the tower.

You tell Blupi what to do and he executes your orders. For example Blupi can push crates but not pull them. To make him push a crate just click on Blupi and then on the edge of the crate he must move. Blupi can also drive different machines and cranes. Sometimes he must prevent dumb robots from falling into holes.

Can a game offer lighthearted fun while twisting your brain in new ways?
Bob Mandel thinks so. Read his review of Blupimania 2 to find out why.
Use the buttons on the crate to indicate in which direction Blupi should push.