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Speedy Blupi II is an action game for PC compatibles.
Speedy Blupi is ideal for ages 10 to 99.
Speedy Blupi II is the sequel to the game Speedy Eggbert published by eGames.

With the built-in Mission designer you can create your own missions and give them to your friends.
Network game (local network or Internet TCP/IP) for up to to 4 players.
Supports 4 buttons joypads (A, B, C et D).
(4.9 Mb)
Download the DEMO version right now !!

The DEMO version contains :
One training mission and one complete single player mission.
One multiplayer mission.
A limited mission designer.
The FULL version contains :
More than 60 various single player missions.
10 multiplayer missions.
Additional features for the mission designer.
Save and restore functions during the game.
Settings for 10 differents players.


The mission designer >

System requirements
PC with Windows Vista/XP/2000/ME/98/95 and DirectX 3 or higher
Pentium 100 with 32 Mbytes RAM
Video card allowing 640x480 in 256 colors
Windows 95/98 comptatible sound card
Joypad (optional)
For multiplayer game (optional) :
Local network IPX or TCP/IP
Internet with a 28.8 K modem or faster
Serial connection with a null modem cable (2 players)

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